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Meet our New Owners

Meet our New Owners

Meet our New Owners

Canine & Co is back and under new ownership!

We are Megan and Jay and we have taken over from Ian and Jan here at Canine & Co.  We are a family of dog lovers, proudly owning 3 rescue dogs who you'll meet later in this post.


Hi there, my name is Megan and I actually worked at Canine & Co when I was a student at Bangor Uni.  I always swore I'd come back to Betws-y-Coed but never expected to be doing it as the new owner!  I have previously trained as a teacher and worked with children with autism and after that I worked with Monty as a PAWS therapist using dogs and their relationships with children to work on self esteem, special needs and just generally making schools and homes a better place to be.



I'm Jay, I am the resident coat expert at Canine & Co.  I never expected to be leaving my role as head of behaviour at a local school in South West London but when Megan had the opportunity to move us to such a beautiful part of the world, I couldn't say no.  I have learnt a lot about dog behaviour since taking on Guinness and am hoping to do some courses and qualifications in dog training to bring my knowledge to customers.



Monty is a ~10 year old german shepherd cross staffie.  He worked as a therapy dog in schools and homes for a while with Megan but now is enjoying his retirement being spoiled with goodies from the shop.  Monty's favourite thing in the shop is a toss up between the No Hide, Chewllagen and lamb lung.



Guinness is a 2 year old cocker spaniel.  He came to us after several failed homes with some issues that we worked hard to sort through.  He still has his moments but he dotes on children and loves chest rubs.  When Guinness gets a good smell he snorts!  Guinness' favourite thing in the shop is pig's trotters.



Maverick is the baby of the family at 1 year old he is mostly husky and malamute and he spends his days dozing at the top of the shop.  You might be lucky enough to see him out and about in Betws-y-Coed, please do ask to say hello!  Maverick's favourite thing in the shop is the rabbit ears.