The Gelert Dog Jumper in Grey

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Type: Dog Jumper

This classic Canine & Co Cableknit dog jumper with Crewe neck, introduced in 2015 is  

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Short body - designed to provide warmth to the neck and chest. 
  • Leg Cuffs 

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality Great Fit

Arrived quickly, really good quality, fits our dogs great, and they have appreciated it during the cold spells!

Samantha Hammett

Great product and great service, thank you!

Great jumper for frosty mornings

Such a lovely chunky knit jumper for gold and frosty mornings . Lovely quality

Nice colours, reasonable price, design fault - holes in neck after 3 wears.

Lovely company and a pleasure to deal with but i wouldnt buy again. The sizing is not suitable for sighthound family at all.
The width in the body of the jumpers are way off. The biggest problem is the neck. Generous with a thin elastic thread, which should help the garment keep its shape. It has three holes in the neckline after 3 wears. Shame.

Hello Tomasina. Thank you for your honest review. We are sorry this jumper didn't meet your expectations. However as we want you to be satisfied with our Dog Jumpers, could we suggest that we send you a replacement Rascal Dog Jumper, at our expense. The Rascal has a longer, tighter body with a rollneck, strengthened with Lycra. This grips during wear and aids recovery post wear .This jumper is much more suited to the sighthound breeds. The Gelert which you purchased is a discontinued line, and like the Chunk, is most suited for broad / deep chested shorter dogs like Pugs, Staffies & Bulldogs. If you could email sizing to we can sort you out. Keep safe! Ian

Love it!

Just ordered this jumper .. Love it, love it love it love it!